Spillers Daily Balancer 15kg


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Provides the nutrients needed to balance the diet every day
  • Format: Pellet
  • Pack weight: 15kg
Product Benefits
  • Provides a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to balance the diet every day.
  • Specifically designed to balance the nutrients typically low in pasture, hay and haylage.
  • No added iron which is often oversupplied in forage based diets.
  • Contains 15mg of biotin per 500g serving proven to support hoof health.
  • With chelated trace elements to maximise absorption.
  • Cereal grain free, low in starch and sugar.

Analytical Constituents

Digestible Energy MJ/kg 10.5, Protein 15.0%, Oil 5.0%, Fibre 8.0%, Starch 9.0%, Sugar 5.0%, Vitamin A 40000 iu/kg, Vitamin D3 4000 iu/kg, Vitamin E 1800 iu/kg, Selenium 2.0 mg/kg, Copper 160 mg/kg, Zinc 600 mg/kg, Lysine 1.4%, Calcium 3.0%, Phosphorous 1.2%, Magnesium 0.6%, Biotin mg/kg 30.0, iron mg/kg none added, Manganese mg/kg 160.0



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