Smite Professional Ready To Use Mite Spray 750ml


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Smite Professional RTU is an extremely powerful red mite killer.

The best method for killing red mites is to remove their waxy exoskeleton (hard outer covering).  Smite dissolves the exoskeleton and rapidly kills the mite by desiccation.

This method has the advantage that it is impossible for the red mite to build resistance, which can be a problem with some pesticides, and means that the same treatment can be applied repeatedly to keep the infestation under control.

Smite is also a powerful cleaner, degreasant and disinfectant, making it ideal for cleaning surfaces soiled by birds and other animals, as well as killing mites and other insects.

Key features:

  • Powerful red mite killer
  • Efficient biocidal disinfectant, degreasant and cleaner – ideal for removing organic matter where mite parasites breed and thrive
  • Pleasant odour and ready to use trigger spray
  • Suitable for all animal housing
  • One product does it all – save time and money

Smite Professional RTU should be used with Smite Organic Powder for the effective treatment of red mite.  Wear suitable protective clothing when using, and please use in accordance with the instructions on the bottle.


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