Simple System Simple Balance +


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A carefully formulated balancer containing high quality functional ingredients for promoting optimum health. Simple Balance + is very palatable and pelleted for convenience.

  • Natural Vitamins, Minerals & Prebiotic 
  • Excellent levels of Omega 3
  • Pelleted for convenience

Suitable for:- 

  • Overall Health 
  • Improving Condition 
  • Superb Coat 
  • Strong Hooves
  • Supporting Immune Function 
  • Supporting Digestive Health


Feeding Recommendations

As with any new feed, introduce gradually over a week.

Feed 100g per 100kg bodyweight per day, i.e. 500g per day for a 500kg horse.

Quick soaking, use 2-2.5 parts water to 1 part feed.

Designed to be fed alongside other Simple System feeds, or alone to horses out at pasture or stabled with hay or haylage.

For best results, feed Simple Balance + as part of a complete Simple System diet.

30 day supply for a 500kg horse.


Analytical Constituents

Digestible Energy 12.74MJ/kg, Crude Oil 5-10%, Crude Protein 18-22%, Crude Fibre 12-18%, Ash 8-12%, Sugar <8%, Starch <3%


Lucerne, Timothy grass, Cooked full fat linseed, Seaweed meal, Stabilised dried yeast, Sodium chloride (rock salt), Spearmint. 



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