Saracen Shape Up Low Calorie Balancer Mix 20kg


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Suitable For

  • Horses and ponies that are overweight or predisposed to laminitis
  • “Good-doers” and native breeds
  • Horses and ponies requiring a specialist feed to help maintain a healthy metabolism
  • Any horse or pony that requires a low calorie feed balancer
  • The high palatability of this ration also makes it suitable for fussy feeders or those that are sick, convalescing or on box rest

Features & Benefits

  • Maintains a healthy digestive environment in horses and ponies on restricted rations
  • Contains a source of Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Includes a mycotoxin binder for “mopping up” free radicals and supporting optimum health and immune function
  • Supports hoof quality and growth
  • Includes a source of magnesium for normal cell sensitivity
  • Contains added cinnamon for palatability and antioxidant support

Detailed Description

SHAPE-UP™ Balancer is a low starch, high fibre mix designed to provide a balanced diet at low intake levels, and to help maintain a normal, healthy metabolism. It can be used as a calorie controlled ration for those prone to laminitis, Equine Metabolic Syndrome or Cushing’s in order to meet micronutrient requirements without excess sugar, calories and starch intake.

SHAPE-UP™ Balancer is the result of nearly two years of research and development and incorporates some of the most recent and up to date nutritional innovations for horses and ponies that require a low starch and low calorie feed.

The ration is based on Saracen Horse Feeds’ “Super-fibre” technology, meaning that energy is dervied from slow-release, fibre sources that produce a minimal glycemic response post feeding. The high fibre content of SHAPE-UP™ Balancer and the inclusion of an original neutralizing ingredient also help to maintain a healthy digestive system.


SHAPE-UP™ Balancer is one of a kind as it “works” in both the stomach and the hindgut:

  • In the stomach it helps to promote normal acidity levels in horses on a restricted diet.
  • In the hindgut it helps to maintain a normal pH to ensure the health of the bacterial population in the large intestine.

SHAPE-UP™ Balancer contains high levels of essential antioxidants, including cinnamon and vitamin E, which are known for their benefits in helping to promote cellular defences, health and wellbeing. A specific healthy hoof package containing research-recommended levels of biotin, chelated minerals (inc Zinc), essential amino acids (Lysine and Methionine) and quality protein sources are also included, to encourage hoof quality, growth and development.

SHAPE-UP™ Balancer should be fed at the recommended feeding levels, and also in conjunction with a suitable forage source. Saracen can supply you with a specific SHAPE-UP measuring cup, contact us today.

For effective weight loss and weight management, hay should be analysed for its non-structural carbohydrate (NSC) content and ideally should contain less than 10-12% NSC. Providing that your horse is sound, every effort should be made to implement a sensible and regular exercise regime.

Nutrient Specification

Oil 6.5%, Protein 10.0%, Fibre 16.0%, Digestible Energy 9.9 MJ/kg, Starch 8.3%, Vitamin A 22,000 IU/kg, Vitamin D3 4,100 IU/kg, Vitamin E 600 IU/kg, Selenium 1.0 mg/kg.
Oatfeed, Beet Pulp, Soya Hulls, Molasses, Micronised Soya, Micronised Peas, Soya Oil, Linseed, Acid Neutralizer, Dicalcium Phosphate, KER Magnesium, Vitamins & Minerals, Cinnamon, Mycotoxin Binder, Vitamin E, Lysine, Methionine, Biotin.


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