Marriages Poultry Grower Pellets 20kg


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Marriage Poultry Grower Pellets are a complete compound feed for growing poultry.

The feed contains essential amino acids, methionine and cysteine to encourage excellent growth and feathering.

It can be used for pullet rearing from five weeks old to point of lay (approx 18 weeks), helping birds
to reach their full adult size, and may be fed to finish for table birds.

Nutrient Specification

Oil 3.3% Protein 15.0%, Fibre 5%, Ash 5.4%, Methionine 0.3%, Vit A 1000iu/kg, Vit D3 3000iu/kg, Vit E 15iu/kg, Moisture 14.0%, Copper 25mg/kg.

Wheat 49.7%, Wheatfeed 15.0%, Barley 11.0%, Hypro Soya 5.2%, Sunflower Extract 5.0%, Beans 5.0%, Peas 5.0%, Minerals 2.0%, Vegetable Fat 0.8%, Vitamins 0.5%, Methionine 0.1%, Phyzyne XP4000 0.025%.


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