Marriages Farmyard Layers Pellets 20kg




Marriage Farmyard Layers Pellets are suitable for all laying hens, including waterfowl and traditional breeds.

They should be fed from point of lay and have been specially formulated to ensure a good yolk colour and strong egg shells.

These layers pellets are GM Free and contain no chemical pigments. 

Allow at least 125g per bird per day.

Nutrient Specification

Protein 17%, Oil 4%, Fibre 7%, Ash 11.7%, Methionine 0.3%, Vit A 8000iu/kg, Vit D3 2400iu/kg, Vit E 12iu/kg, Moisture 14%, Copper 25mg/kg.

Wheat 20%, Wheatfeed 20%, Sunflower 10%, Maize 10%, Vit 0.6%, Physine xp4000 0.0075%.


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