High Fibre Mash 20kg


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Mashes are very useful for hydrating horses and voluminising their feed.

High Fibre Mash is perfect for all horses and ponies that are good-doers i.e they obtain all the calories they need from forage but either deserve a feed or need a palatable low-calorie carrier for supplements.

High Fibre Mash is cereal-grain-free, low in sugar and starch and therefore ‘Non-Heating’.

It soaks quickly in 5 minutes to make an irresistible mash, ideal for horses and ponies that need or prefer a soft feed.

High Fibre Mash is designed to be fed with any TopSpec Feed Balancer or an appropriate TopSpec supplement as it does not contain any added vitamins or trace-elements. It is supplemented with the major minerals calcium, sodium and magnesium.

High Fibre Mash should be soaked in cool or warm water for 5 minutes prior to feeding with 1 part dry mash to 2 parts water, the resulting wet mash will have a DE of 3.5MJ/KG.

Product Features

  • As a essential source of fibre for horses and ponies that can not chew effectively e.g. the elderly. When mixed with an appropriate senior feed balancer this mash will provide a superb complete feed for elderly horses.
  • As a high-fibre, low-calorie mash ideal for good-doers.
  • As a useful soaked feed to help keep horses hydrated.
  • As a very palatable feed that you can mix in supplements and/or medication.
  • As a mash for horses and ponies that need a low sugar/starch feed.
  • As a partial or complete hay replacer.


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