HaySoft Hi-Fibre Haylage 20kg


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Frieze Forage haylage is produced by cutting the grass in late May or early June, when nutritional values are higher than in July or August, when grass is often cut for hay.

Instead of allowing the grass to dry out completely, the grass is baled when the moisture content reaches 30-35% and is tightly wrapped with several layers of polythene to exclude any air.

The haylage then ferments over a period of 8-10 weeks, preserving nutrients and proteins and preventing mould or dust spores forming, producing a moist, nutritious and dust free forage for horses and ponies.

Key Features

  • Higher nutritional value than hay
  • Dust free, so no need to soak
  • Does not expose horse or owner to potentially dangerous dust spores
  • Can be stored outside prior to opening
  • Cost effective – use of hard feeds can be reduced



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