Dodson & Horrell Sixteen Plus Mix 20kg


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For the older horse or pony showing signs of ageing or weight loss.
Sixteen Plus Mix has been specifically formulated using international studies on the nutritional requirements of the older horse and is the ideal high calorie solution for your veteran.
  •  New look with an improved forNew Herbal blend of garlic, mint, basil and oregaHigh calorie to help to prevent weight loss or loss of condition.
  • High in fibre and oil, plus quality, digestible protein with added L-Lysine to support muscle mass.
  • Added probiotic live Actisaf yeast to support digestive function.
  • Includes QLC plan based antioxidants and additional vitamin E to support immune function
  • Added glucosamine and MSM to support joint health.
  • Highly palatable and can befed dampened if your horse is struggling to chew.
  • Now with a higher level of biotin to support hoof health

.Feeding Recommendations

800g/100kg bodyweight
500kg horse = Scoops (4kg) per day


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