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Cushcare Condition is a complementary feed for under weight horses that need a diet lower in starch and sugar.   
High in protein and oils it is designed to promote weight gain and help maintain muscle mass.  Its high oil content means it is deigned as a soft feed, suitable for horses who struggle to chew.
It is also great for providing nutritional support for older horses at the point in their lives when they may need a helping hand.  


Key Features

  • Essential amino acids – important in the nutritional support of muscle cell maintenance and generation.
  • High in oil – provide calories without adding starch and supports a healthy coat.
  • Contains soya lecithin – supporting weight maintenance, fat digestion and absorption.
  • Added B vitamins and carnitine – helps with the metabolism of fat.
  • Antioxidants – includes vitamin E, vitamin C and selenium, supporting the horses immune system.
  • Actisaf yeast and prebiotics – to promote a healthy digestive system and the normal function of the hindgut.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids, glucosamine and mobility herbs – nutritional support for joint functions.
  • Contains a unique herbal blend – including cinnamon for nutritional support of insulin metabolism and chaste tree berries.
  • Digestible fibre – provides natural calories and promotes healthy hindgut function.

Feeding Recommendations

Introduce the diet gradully over a period of 7-10 days until it replaces the previous compound feed completely.  Only feed sufficient amounts to maintain condition and performance as required; the suggested intake is 600g per 100kg of body weight.

Always ensure that clean, fresh drinking water is available at all times and plenty of forage is recommended.

Feed Cushcare Condition either dry with chaff such as Alfalfa, or as a mash.  If feeding as a mash, it is recommended that an amount of cool water equivalent to half the volume of the feed is added.  Warm water should not be used as this may affect the texture of the feed.

Analytical Constituents

Digestible Energy 12 MJ/kg, Protein 13.0%, Oil 12.0%, Fibre 16.0%, Ash 9.5%, Sodium 0.4%, Starch and Sugar combined less than 10.0%.


Oatfeed, Wheatfeed, Unmolassed Sugar Beet, Vegetable Oil, Distiller’s Wheat Grains, Extracted Sunflower, Nutritionally Improved Straw, Dehulled Soya Bean Meal, Dicalcium Phosphate, Full Fat Linseed, Calcium Carbonate, Sodium Chloride, Soya Lecithin, Magnesium Oxide, Cinnamon (0.3%), Glucosamine, Comfrey, Fructose Oligosaccharides, Chaste Tree Berries (0.1%), Dandelion Leaves, Nettle Leaves, Celery Seed, Burdock Root, Devils Claw Root and a mixture of: Blackcurrant, Kale, Spinach, Beetroot, Rosemary, Rosehip and Pomegranate.


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  1. Maggie Davidson

    This feed does what it says on the tin. My older horse was beginning to lose weight and condition. After feeding Cushcare for three weeks he has bounced back to good condition, looks healthier and has more energy for a veteran equine of 25yrs of age. He is clearly happier and healthier now. I am very pleased to have found this product.

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