Bed-Down Cozy Chicken




Cozy Chicken is our new superior quality bedding made from high quality Norfolk wheat straw to keep your hens happier and healthier.

Your poultry will have great fun scratching and foraging in fragrant pine scented golden straw – until they feel like laying you more lovely fresh eggs! Cozy Chicken makes a soft, fluffy, natural nest that’ll keep your chickens chirpy.

Cozy Chicken uses our unique Easy Breathe™ dust extraction system to ensure the best possible air quality for both you and your hens, with added pine oil to keep the coop smelling fresher for longer.

Chickens love to scratch through the straw encouraging their natural foraging behaviour, which keeps them happier and healthier.

The cushioning effect of Cozy Chicken gives hens the ultimate comfy nest, whilst keeping those precious eggs safe. It’s perfect, not just in nest boxes but in the coop too.

Available in handy 10kg bales.


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