Baileys Soya Oil 5L


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Of all the vegetable oils suitable for feeding to horses, soya has proven the most beneficial, being particularly rich in Omega 6 fatty acids, including an especially high content of linoleic acid. This fatty acid is an essential component in the horse’s diet and promotes good skin and coat condition, whilst oil in general is a concentrated source of slow release, non-heating energy for the promotion of stamina or weight gain. 
2 to 3 tablespoons per day will help promote coat shine, whilst 250 to 500ml per day are necessary to make a significant calorie contribution. Oil must always be introduced slowly, over one to two weeks, to allow the horse’s digestive system to adapt. The greater the amount of oil in the horse’s diet, the greater the requirement for antioxidants; these can be provided by adding a vitamin E and selenium supplement. Outshine high oil supplement is a palatable, mess-free alternative with the necessary supporting nutrients.

Targeted At

Horses who require additional slow release calories for stamina or condition

Those needing a little extra help to promote a shiny coat

Those on a low starch diet needing concentrated calories in a small volume




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