Clipper Servicing

We offer high quality clipper and blade sharpening services, carried out to a high standard, by technicians with over twenty years experience.


Item Service Price
Clipper Blades (first set) Sharpening £13.50 per set
Additional Blade Sets (up to three additional sets) Sharpening £10.00 per set
Wolsley Clippers + Blade Set Servicing + Sharpening £50.00
Non Wolsley Clippers + Blade Set Servicing + Sharpening £65.00


Customers drop their clippers/blades into us, they are sent away to our service provider, the work is carried out and they are promptly returned.

Once returned we contact customers to let them know that they are available for collection.

Our aim is to have your clippers and blades available for collection within two weeks of dropping them off.

Company Policy

Clippers and blades must be collected promptly within two weeks of notification that they have been returned to our premises.

Poole Farm Feed Centre Limited reserves the right to dispose of all items, by any means, and without further notice, that are not collected within three months of being returned.