We have a number of hybrid and pure breed hens available for purchase and collection, from the end of February through to the end of October each year.  Our birds are in high demand so please feel free to contact us re: availability.

You are also welcome to reserve chickens in advance.

Hybrid Hens

We have chosen to stock the types shown below based on their:

  • Friendliness
  • Egg laying ability
  • Ease of management
  • Suitability as household pets and for smallholder flocks

Each bird is approximately sixteen weeks old and is fully vaccinated.

Commercial Brown

  • A friendly inquisitive hen
  • Placid and great with children
  • Very popular and easily managed
  • Will reliably lay up to 300 brown eggs per year

Price £14.00

Rhode Rock

  • Hardy bird suitable for all weathers and terrain
  • Docile and friendly
  • Good brown eggs with excellent shell quality
  • Will lay 260 – 280 eggs per year

Price £16.50

Sussex Ranger

  • Heavyweight bird
  • Very attractive and docile
  • Most suited to free range
  • Will lay 200+ eggs per year

Price £16.50


  • Attractive bird similar to pure Maran but bred for greater egg production
  • Suitable for small free range flocks
  • Good brown eggs with excellent shell quality
  • Will lay up to 250 eggs per year

Price £16.50

Beachwood Blue

  • Very docile heavy bird
  • Beautiful smokey blue plumage
  • Increasingly popular with small scale poultry keepers
  • Will lay 200 – 240 brown eggs per year

Price £16.50

Bason White

  • Small leghorn type bird
  • Striking white colour
  • Prolific white egg layer
  • Will lay up to 300 eggs per year

Price £16.50

Pekin Bantam

  • Small and cute, with feathered feet
  • Variety of colours available
  • Docile and great with children, these birds love company
  • Will lay up to 100 creamy white coloured eggs per year

Price £25.00


  • Very attractive, docile and trusting
  • Variety of colours available
  • Requires little space
  • Ideal first hen for children or a small garden
  • Will lay up to 100 cream coloured eggs a year but will not lay during the summer months

Price £28.00

Cream Legbar

  • Attractive and active bird
  • Spritely, alert and happy in small or large runs
  • Will lay approximately 180 sky-blue or olive-green shelled eggs per year

Price £28.00

We also stock a wide range of chicken housing, bedding, feed and accessories.